Network of Networks

The Centre of Excellence on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Related Mental Health Conditions functions as a “Network of Networks.” This Network is made up of an advisory council, community-based Reference Groups, and communities of practice where lived experience is valued as much as technical expertise.

The Centre of Excellence on PTSD is advised by a central Advisory Committee made up of representatives from our four reference groups. Members of reference groups voluntarily apply, and the groups are formed from individual Veterans, Veteran Family Members, service or healthcare providers, and researchers, as well as members of existing communities of practice.

The Centre’s Advisory Committee directly informs the Centre’s knowledge, practice, and policy work. This Committee is comprised of representatives from four community-based Reference Groups: Veterans, Veteran Family Members, service providers, and researchers.

Our common purpose is to improve the well-being of Canadian Veterans and their families.

Through collective impact, we are working to achieve the following activities as outlined in the Centre’s contribution agreement Veterans Affairs Canada:

  1. Develop and implement knowledge and expertise sharing capacity with Veterans, Veteran Family Members, service providers, researchers, and the public;
  2. Develop and maintain partnerships to mobilize resources to improve the mental wellness of Canadian Veterans.

The Centre’s Network of Networks’ model is based on the U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS) networks model and other evidence on learning health systems and health system transformation. The Centre partners with many international organizations in the global effort to enhance the mental health of those who have served as well as their families.

As an independent intermediary, we also proudly serve Canadian Veterans and their families along side several other national organizations.

Join the Network of Networks

Contact us for information on our Network of Networks. Please note: Advisory Council and Reference Group membership is reviewed every three years.