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PTSD Awareness Month – No stigma, No shame

A month of supports for and stories about those living with post-traumatic stress

Post-traumatic stress appears in many places. We see it in both active military members and Veterans. Those who have witnessed acts of violence during service, or been exposed to atrocities and multiple traumas. It appears in medical staff individuals forced to make hard decisions about who will get life support and who won’t, like we’ve seen during the Covid-19 pandemic. It shows up in an Indigenous Veteran who has gone through both the Residential School System and military engagement. It emerges in a female service member who has experienced military sexual misconduct and now lives with that trauma. It can create sadness, fear, guilt, and a feeling of having lost control of one’s life. People experiencing PTSD can feel hopeless.

Throughout this month, we will be sharing resources, information, and stories about living with post-traumatic stress. There is no shame in having it – it often emerges from situations where our lives, or the lives of people for whom we are responsible, are threatened. The goal is to understand it, to manage its impacts and, eventually, to heal. There is hope, there are effective treatments, and a good life is possible.

Visit our website and social channels throughout the month for information, ideas, and supports in understanding and managing post-traumatic stress.

June 2021

June 2

Treatments can work!
Start the month off right by learning more about the causes and symptoms of PTSD, as well as some of the most effective treatment options.
PTSD and Some Options for Therapy

June 6

“All other fellas gone, and there I’m still living, you know? Still living, it’s a funny thing.”
Commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day by listening to the memories of a Canadian Veteran who witnessed the loss of his comrades in Normandy, in a time when PTSD was known simply as “shell shock.”
The Second World War – Veterans Affairs Canada

Celebrate Canadian Forces Day
Every year, on the first Sunday of June, we honour those who have served and who continue to serve our nation in the army, navy, and air force.

June 8

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June 10

Moral injury isn’t limited to military service
Attend the virtual town hall, Moral Injury in Public Safety Occupations. Co-presented by the Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research and Treatment (CIPSRT) and the Centre of Excellence – PTSD.
CIPSRT | Webinars (cipsrt-icrtsp.ca)

June 11

Moral injury – when our personal ethics are violated.
Learn more about moral injury – a newly emerging form of post-traumatic stress that can affect anyone whose personal ethics or morals are challenged by an experience or event.
Moral Injury Guide

June 15

In honour of Pride Month
Our responses to trauma are impacted by any number of factors – some of them personal (our own emotional make-up, for example), some cultural (institutionalized prejudices). Honour Pride Month by learning more about the discrimination 2SLGBTQ+ service members have faced and why reconciliation is so important.
Statement by the Minister of National Defence on the LGBT Purge Fund Report – Canada.ca
Home – Purge LGBT (lgbtpurgefund.com)
Canada’s Cold War Purge of LGBTQ from the Military | The Canadian Encyclopedia

June 17

“I finally realized it didn’t have to be so hard . . . ”
Take a look at the first of two new videos, and hear the strong voices of those who are living in Veteran Families with post-traumatic stress.

“The hope I want is the ability to enjoy life again . . .”
Watch our second new video in which a Veteran talks about life after service and rebuilding after a diagnosis of PTSD. Treatment really can work. Healing is possible.

June 21

Reconciliation with Indigenous Veterans
Celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day by learning more about the distinct experiences and challenges of Indigenous Veterans, many of whom have experienced the intersection of racism, residential schools, and trauma in military service.
Indigenous Veterans – Veterans Affairs Canada
Canada’s Indigenous Veterans | The Journal (queensjournal.ca)
Calls_to_Action_English2.pdf (trc.ca)

June 24

The year in review
Take a look at our Annual impact Report and learn about some of the important projects we’ve worked on in the past year. With each day, we are step closer to realizing our goals and making services, information, and supports more accessible, effective, and relevant to Veterans and their Families every day.
Impact Report 2020

PTSD 101
Listen in to a PSTD 101 talk, presented by CIPSRT. Their PTSD Crash Course will feature clinical psychologist Dr. Megan McElheran.
CIPSRT | Webinars (cipsrt-icrtsp.ca)

June 27

PTSD Awareness Day
Commemorate PTSD Awareness Day by reaching out to someone you know who may be struggling. If you are living with post-traumatic stress, do some self-care today – go for yet another walk, eat a really great piece of cake, or commit to making that call to your local service provider to start the conversation about finding a treatment that will work for you.
Find Support