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Statement by the Canadian Military Sexual Trauma Community of Practice on the situation with Project Trauma Support


We stand in solidarity with all Canadians impacted by military sexual trauma.  In doing so, we recognize the deep hurt associated with the recent revelations surrounding Project Trauma Support and offer our strongest support for those affected by these events.  Here, we recognize that the extensive reporting of such events has the potential to open old wounds and give rise to feelings of being retraumatized.  

At the heart of military sexual trauma lies a deep sense of betrayal, and we acknowledge the feelings of mistrust and hurt that can arise from situations such as the one currently surrounding Project Trauma Support. 

The Canadian Military Sexual Trauma Community of Practice (MST CoP) brings together people from academia and research, clinical practice, government departments, and those with lived experience, to better understand the issues surrounding military sexual trauma and to work on solutions to best support those affected by military sexual trauma.  An additional goal of the MST CoP is to identify solutions to address the systemic issues which allow sexual misconduct to continue. The MST CoP strongly supports evidence-based care using a trauma-informed approach, in the support and treatment of those suffering the effects of MST.

For those impacted by this situation and/ or military sexual trauma seeking immediate assistance, please contact:

VAC Assistance Service: 1.800.268.7708

This service is a 24-hour-toll free helpline for military and RCMP Veterans, and their families, providing immediate short-term mental health counselling with a professional, along with referral services, including support for mental and emotional health concerns.

Sexual Misconduct Response Centre: 1.844.750.1648

To learn more about military sexual trauma, please see the following resources: 

A webinar “The Evolving Discussion on Military Sexual Misconduct and Military Sexual Trauma: An Introduction” will be held on June 3, 2021, 1 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. ET. This is the first part of a Virtual Symposium Series that will feature practitioners, researchers, leaders and individuals with lived experience working to improve knowledge, understanding, supports and treatments for Military Sexual Trauma in Canada.

Dr. Margaret McKinnon
Co-Chair, on behalf of the Canadian Military Sexual Trauma Community of Practice