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Centre of Excellence on PTSD


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About the Centre of Excellence

The Network of Networks

The Centre of Excellence on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Related Mental Health Conditions builds strong community networks to create the best possible supports and services for Veterans, first responders, and their families.

We bring people together, take what we all know about PTSD and mental health conditions and how to treat them, widely share that information, and ensure our collective knowledge is reflected in what we do.

Our work focuses on a cycle of knowledge, practice, and policy, built upon a foundation of collective action. Our partnerships with Veterans and their families, service providers, and researchers take a Veteran-centred approach to respect the power and wisdom of lived and living experience.

A Holistic Approach to Well-being

With a nationwide network of Veterans, families, service providers, and researchers, we promote a Veteran-centric model of well-being that situates post-traumatic mental health within a broader well-being context. We examine the full range of individual and family well-being, with elements that interact with each other. We believe all of these elements should be considered holistically in responding to needs and maximizing recovery.

How We Learn From You

The Centre of Excellence on PTSD is advised by a central committee made up of representatives from our four Reference Groups. Across Canada and the world, Veterans, families, service providers, and researchers gather as individual community groups, but they also collectively come together to tackle topics of critical importance (military sexual trauma, moral injury, etc.) through communities of practice. We are proud to be a part of, to lead, and to learn from several communities of practice, and to support the efforts of these individual community groups.

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Le saviez-vous? Les psychothérapies axées sur le traumatisme sont le traitement le plus efficace contre le #TSPT. En général, cette affection ne disparaît pas spontanément et, sans soutien ni traitement approprié, les symptômes peuvent même s'aggraver. (1/2)

Did you know? Trauma-Focused Psychotherapies are the most effective treatment for #PTSD. It does not usually go away on its own, and without the support and proper treatments, symptoms may even get worse. Learn more about PTSD and some options for therapy: https://bit.ly/3sZ29xn

Il est parfois difficile d'accepter qu'une de vos proches souffre de TSPT. Voilà pourquoi il est important de se renseigner sur le TSPT afin de comprendre les symptômes qui y sont associés, son traitement et les possibilités de soutien pour vous et votre proche.